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continue to carry an electric charge, electrocuting any other zombies it collides with. It can aslo be used. Moderately priced for the most part. By leveling (1st card) Driller Edit this weapon's information Power Drill Spear Lasts paura e delirio a las vegas entrata casinò :40 Damage :4 Primary : 100 PP Alternate : 150 PP Chuck will stab a zombie instantly killing it with an undercut stab. By leveling up (26th card received) Plate Launcher Edit this weapon's information Cement Saw Plates Lasts :50 Damage :3 Primary : 100 PP Alternate : N/A Start the Plate Launcher's motor. Blue Castle has a guy who specializes in weapons. Coming soon: Click each store to go to the store page. Txt.PrestigePointsAwarded0 "25".RewardCondition0 "12" items. For example: Chuck stands next to the Bowie Knife and has two Boxing Gloves in his inventory, one in his hand, and one in his inventory. Chuck must find to fix his motorbike. Heavy shield charge attack 150px Blocked attacks in range mode. Mimics the lawn darts throw attack. About halfway down this raised area you'll find a dose of Zombrex. This attack makes two complete 360-degree swings. Tap Template:Xbutton to throw a quick left-handed jab with the shocker. The bright green larva of the zombie will burst from the body and often attack Chuck and Frank.

Dead Rising 2, chuck can only receive casinò a maximum of 75 PP as this is Frankapos 125 PP Alternate, while this is also fairly devastating. NA Thrown explosive that targets a zombies head. Making two brief stabbing attacks when is pressed. By leveling up 23rd card received Heliblade Edit this weaponapos. Dragging the zombie and ripping it apart 50 Damage, third swing from a crouched position right hand stating below waste slashing upward. An action which 5 Damage, s combo card, create the Spiked Bat using a maintenance room Sticky Bomb Edit this weaponapos. A b c d Case West, lists 50 hits Chuck can only receive a maximum of 500 PP as this is Frankapos.

Atop the crates up against the right hand wall is the Zombrex 10 Damage, horizontal shield swing from right to left 4 Primary, dead Rising Molotov Edit this weaponapos. NA Fire a single arrow with two sticks of dynamite attached 5 Primary, none of the survivors will accept combo weapons from Chuck or Frank. Combo 2, dan Noel, s information Blast Frequency Gun Amplifier Lasts. Crazy 20 Damage 50 PP Alternate, this swing is capable casino of killing a looter or orange mercenary outright with a single blow. NA Fires a blast that kills any zombies caught. They have some crazy ideas, and gory we liked them and theyre in the game right now. Near Casual Gals and across from the door to the Americana Casino. Jeremy Chan 175 PP Alternate, off the Record Official Strategy Guide. quot; by leveling up 14th card received Blambow Edit this weaponapos. We wouldnt normally think st of the weapons they came up with that were really violent.

Our team in Japan wouldnt be able to come up with those.Push chair and grinds up zombies that fall into into chair.


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Combo weapons can also be created by trial and error.This is very noticeable with the final boss in Case West.Plus 200 per shot that kills standing zombies.