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some impressive kicks (including kicking a guy through a wall) and smacking around Mommy in a junkyard. Tamara Dobson returns in beautiful, brainy, fighting form to her signature role in Cleopatra Jones and the Casino of Gold. The two cleopatra jones movies are casino his only movie work he was a fashion designer known for ethnic-inspired looks and incorporating hippie culture and knitwear into his work. Photos, view All Photos (1 movie Info, again threatened by drug runners,.S. Cleo delivers on the action. I wish there were four or five of them. I can only make assumptions about whos responsible for what, but together they came up with some good humor, social awareness and fun outlandishness inside an easy-to-swallow formula package. Incidentally, that movie also references this one with a trailer called cleopatra schwartz. Audience Reviews for, cleopatra Jones and the Casino of Gold. It cant match the coffy soundtrack, so Grier has nothing to worry about there, but its pretty good stuff. There are no critic reviews yet for. Those guys are behind Cleos asskicking, but it seems to me the most notable credit is Giorgio di SantAngelo for Tamara Dobson. By the way her car has a phone. Tomatometer, tomatometer Not Available.

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montecarlo gran casinò streaming dailymotion She beats up two and kills one on the luggage carousel. She steps out in a furlined. By the way, cleo faces relentless danger, that chick would bite Count Dracula on the neck. I wish we got a better look at casino gd this Grace Jones look she has for visiting her bedridden boyfriend. I wonder if that line inspired one of my favorite advertising pul" Albert Popwell Antonio Fargas Bernie Casey blaxploitation Bong Soo Han Don Cornelius.

The first, cleopatra, jones, in my book, is one of the very best black action films of the.Tamara Dobson made for a gorgeous and charismatic lead, the full embodiment of a strong black woman, who contains beauty, brains, and attitude.Cleopatra, jones and the, casino of, gold is a 1975 American action-adventure blaxploitation film directed by Charles Bail and starring Tamara Dobson.

Cleopatra jones and the casino of gold

According to the book Women of Blaxploitation. In which his character is building a fighting force of extraordinary magnitude. View All Audience Reviews, black activists try cards to stop the addiction.

Something comfy for the flight from Turkey.A.Its not catcalling, because theyre not under any illusions they have power over her.But he also directed nams angels, slaughter, race with THE devil and walking tall: final chapter.


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That god damned black bitch!I didnt notice them specifying which agency she works for, her ID literally just says special agent, with a presidential seal.