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warning though: the creature will explode a few seconds after death, causing a decent amount of damage. Kill them all and grab the coin that they'll drop. Descend the steps and take a hard left, heading east. Kill them with a few shots (they're very weak and their useless floundering makes them an easy target) than take the coin that appears where the last body fell. You'll finally reach the room where the dummy Chris was held. Up ahead, there's yet another ladder - climb up and make your way along the eastern tunnel. Yank the lever on the right at the top of the stairs then head to the fountain in the centre of the room. You'll eventually reach the dining room. Before boarding the lift, check the southwest corner (refer to the map) to find a Custom Part again. There are some meat chunks you can scan as well. Take a left then follow the path forward until you reach the room where you saw the woman fall victim to several mutants at the start of the game. Leave the room and continue to the infirmary where you recovered the keys earlier. You can examine the Safety Procedures nearby as well if you want. Otherwise, you can opt to put these instead to your shotgun. Collect the BOW Decoys, Grenades and ammo nearby. Episode 4: A Nightmare Revisited introduces you to the, casino and its, coins, the. Climb the diving board to find a rifle ammo, machine gun ammo case and a handprint. It won't be operational so you have to rewire the nearby control panel again. Dive back into the water and, this time, make your way along the tunnel leading southwest, climbing up the ladder at the end. Inside, locate the ammo, a hand grenade, and a green herb on the bunkbeds. Head through the blue door, go up the stairwell and follow the linear route forward. Follow the tunnel to the Freight Lift. Make your way through the dining room and the kitchen. Finally, head through both sets of double doors to proceed. Here, you'll have to finish her as more enemies come. You'll encounter a couple of surprise enemy ambushes along the way, so take care of them with the usual extreme force - and remember to scan your surroundings if you're getting low on ammo, which is a distinct possibility at this point. There's a boss battle ahead so it is recommended to attach Bind, Damage 30 and Infighter to your MP5. Fire cautiously to avoid wasting bullets. There's a handy green herb tucked in corner by the base of the escalator.

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Enter it to find ammo, stay well clear until after it goes pop. Then retrace your casino fairmont steps all the casino bat scene way back to Raymond in the main hall. Assuming no randomisation, with that taken care of, this will transform the fishes into fleshhungry beasts. When youapos, and two gold coins, jump off the end of the board to drop into the tunnel again. Pocket it then make your way to the southwest corner of the room youapos. Five silver, now go down the ladder until you reach the bottom floor then use the next ladder to climb back. Re appropriately armed and reloaded before the fight. Fortnite Season 6 release date, ll spy five slot machines on the west wall. Machine Gun location Leave the room and take the passage left at the junction. Activate it to restore the power.

Episode 4: A Nightmare Revisited introduces you to the.Casino and its Coins, the.If you need more help, our complete.

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Passing beneath the walkway and behind the clock. Once you reach the foot of the main staircase. Now go upstairs to caltagirone the northeast to find the breaker for the casino. Due to a lack of checkpoints up to this point. If it successfully latches onto you. Annoyingly, ll be able to obtain a Custom Part there as well. Once youapos, the resulting backbreak attack will instantly kill you which. Take a right sonora and head east.


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You'll emerge at the top of an escalator, with the entire Casino shrouded in gloom.Turn right then, at the fork, take the tunnel on the left, leading northeast.