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torpedoes several times, including in the engagement off Cape Matapan and by the British submarine, hMS. 12 Repeated British air attacks on Naples, one of which damaged the cruiser Pola, prompted the high command to move Vittorio Veneto and the rest of the major warships of the fleet to Sardinia on 14 December. On 1 May, Vittorio Veneto was sent to La Spezia for final fitting-out work, escorted by the destroyers royal casino vittorio veneto Leone Pancaldo and Emanuele Pessagno. 174 Garzke Dulin,. 38 An American air raid on the harbor on 4 December prompted the Italians to withdraw the fleet to La Spezia, where it remained for the rest of Italy's active participation in the war. The Italian gunners quickly returned the guns to action, however, and resumed their bombardment of the British cruisers. 8 On 17 October, with the cleaning completed, the dockyard personnel flooded the drydock to conduct stability tests. Vittorio Veneto went to Augusta, Sicily before moving to La Spezia on 14 October. 172 Bagnasco de Toro,. The ship was powered by four Belluzo geared steam turbines rated at 128,000 shaft horsepower (95,000 kW). Vittorio Veneto was launched on, and major construction was completed by October 1939. 35 On, Vittorio Veneto was badly damaged by an American air raid on La Spezia; she was hit by two large bombs toward the bow, though only one detonated. 23 On the night of, the British launched an air raid with Vickers Wellington bombers on the Italian fleet in Naples, but the aircraft again failed to hit Vittorio Veneto ; Giulio Cesare was slightly damaged by several near misses. Steam was provided by eight oil-fired Yarrow boilers. 15 A similar outcome resulted from the movement against British Operation "MB.5" on 29 September - 1 October; Vittorio Veneto, four other battleships, eleven cruisers, and twenty-three destroyers had attempted to intercept the convoy carrying troops to Malta. She evaded the torpedoes, but the attack convinced Iachino that the Mediterranean Fleet was at sea, which prompted him to end the operation and return to port. Littorio, Vittorio Veneto, four cruisers and twelve destroyers were sent to attack the convoy. Early in the war, she participated in the. 148 Garzke Dulin,. 39 On 3 September, Italy signed an armistice with the Allies, ending her active participation in World War. The British launched several air attacks against the Italian fleet in an attempt to slow down Vittorio Veneto, including land-based Blenheim bombers from Greece and Crete.

It also caused severe floodingsome. At full combat loading, causing serious structural damage 25 Vittorio Veneto withdraws from Cape Matapan after being la casina del grillo prezzi torpedoed by RN aircraft. The British had intended to mine Livorno and launch an air raid on northern Sardinia. There 37 Fate edit Vittorio Veneto right and Littorio left in Malta following the sinking of Roma On 12 November. Under the command of Admiral Inigo Campioni.

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Battleships, s Yorkshire 35 While en rock route, chronology of the War at Sea. Naval Institute Press, for other ships with the same name. Vittorio Veneto was allocated as a war prize to Britain. Axis and Neutral Battleships in World War. The Naval History of World War Two.

12 16 In this operation, the Italian Regia Aeronautica ( Royal Air Force) did locate the convoy, but the British were able to evade the Italian fleet.Vittorio Veneto was undamaged but Littorio by now renamed Italia was hit and damaged and her sister Roma was sunk in the attack.Čanić, Dean (September 2014).


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She was named after the Italian victory.100102 Bagnasco de Toro,.Some forward and starboard voids were counter-flooded to reduce the list.