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on the records cover, which Turner likens to the scaled-down replicas. One of Alexs best attributes when it comes to songwriting is being able to write words that immediately transport you to whatever scenario hes describing, and make it feel like youre there in ultra hi-def vision. The World's First Ever Monster Truck Front Flip. This is not an act of protest: Implicated in its sprawl are gentrification, consumerism, and media consumption, but rather than address these meaty topics, he strafes around them, admiring their transformation in the laboratory of his word tricks. The title track and fourth song off the. For all this records hubris, the long-touted generational voice that is Alex Turner has never sounded more real, or more himself. Against the odds, the resulting LP finds the former street poet at his most visionary: material only he could write, performed with a charm and bravado tranquillity base and hotel casino lyrics that only he could pull off. Our new album, tranquility Base Hotel Casino will be released on May 11th, 2018. David Bowie descending on a lunar wedding. And I never thought, not in a million years/That Id ever meet so many Lolas/Can I please have my money back?/My virtual reality mask is stuck on Parliament Brawl/Emergency battery pack just in time for my weekly chat with God on video call (American Sports).

Vintage keyboards, the way base one story can collapse into another. Have you ever spent a generation trying to figure that one out. That dissonance reappears in Turners fixation on worldswithinworlds. No singles teed, the worlds first ever monster truck front flipIm just a bad girl trying to be good The Worlds First Ever Monster Truck Front Flip. Though, you dont need us to tell you.

Tranquility Base, in reality, is the site of the first lunar landing.But whether were actually talking about a sort of hotel - casino complex on the moon or not is debatable.I like the idea.

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And then a couple of tranquillity base and hotel casino lyrics lines later. The Ultracheese Album closer The Ultracheese opens with these highly relatable lines about some of the pitfalls of getting older namely drifting apart from old friends. And being tranquillity base and hotel casino lyrics suspicious about why someone is trying to contact you IRL. The music borrows from that mid70s moment when the Walker Brothers resembled an avantgarde funeral band.

He has the air of a lounge-lizard Borges, a meticulous analyst with the gloriously caddish spirit.How has he managed to make his lyric simultaneously gorgeously swoony and a bit ridiculous?


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Tranquility Base Hotel Casino, and for good reason: Barely anything here invites casual consumption.Less said about that Trump image the better, though.