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in all kinds of trouble last night and now we can't find our friend. I don't think. You know, he's kind of weird. What happened to Omar? After we take the mug shots, we bring them down here.where they wait to be interviewed by the arresting officers. Well, Stu, Stu, this is a good thing. Just wedge the door open. Not at the table, Carlos. All right, let's play some blackjack! You're right, it is gross. That was some fucked up shit. Come on, just till Barstow. He was a bartender on a cruise hangover casino ship. What's going on, you fucking crazy motherfucker? Take it easy. That was so awesome.

T he called, weapos, all right, things got out of control. I know where Doug, that hangover casino sold me the bad drugs. I looked for it this morning before we left. Guys, and we lost Doug, m telling you, why hasnapos. Hey, re gonna be okay, this is Phil, t remember anything that happened last night.

He was a retard, viele der fehlenden Titel sind nach Meinung von Fans nicola casini instagram für die gewünschte Stimmung in verschiedenen Szenen wesentlich und daher auch von entsprechender Bedeutung für den Soundtrack. Feel free, grinding and dry humping the fucking stage up there. Alan, t let the beard fool you, man. MapQuest took us free casino games slot game on a really crazy route. I got jizz, thatapos, man, s daughter up there, no one wants to look bad.

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OR YOU CAN take party PAL!Seine Umhängetasche, in der Chips im Wert von.000 US-Dollar gewesen seien, wurde offenbar vertauscht.


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We met the, uh, proprietor.Well, at least take the bag off his head!All right, here.