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to say at his last consistory, raised him to the rank of cardinal. When he came to Rome with his brother Stefano and his niece Maria Camilla he had a double problem to solve: finding a dignified residence for himself, his brother and his niece and a suitable place to install the collection of paintings, a collection that. Two male children were born from the marriage between Giovan Battista Rospigliosi, first Duke of Zagaralo and nephew of Clement IX, and Maria Camilla Pallavicini, daughter of Stefano and niece of Cardinal Lazzaro; the first son inherited the surname, entitlements and property of the paternal. As things stood, as laid down in the fideicommissum, the entitlements and property created by Cardinal Lazzaro kept returning, from time to time, even though only in temporary custody, into the hands of the legitimate Rospigliosi heir until the necessary conditions for the final separation. It is during the ownership by these families and individuals that the main building of the palace took its final shape. He had six children, including Margherita, born in 1868, who married Marquis Mario Misciatelli. His niece, Maria Camilla Rospigliosi, who during the last years of her life devoted herself more intensely to good works, stipulated in her will that her father and her uncle should be buried in the noble chapel, of San Francesco a Ripa, in a single. By a resolution of the Capitoline Heraldic Commission, Pius IX recognised for him and his descendants the right to take the surname, entitlements and property deriving to his family from the fideicommissum of Cardinal Lazzaro, and Victor Emmanuel II appointed him senator of the kingdom. Contents, the Casino dell'Aurora and, l'Aurora fresco by Guido Reni edit. Maria Camilla died on 6 September 1710, and the Duke of Zagarolo, Giovan Battista Rospigliosi, in deference to the wishes of his pious wife, commissioned the architect Nicolò Michetti and the sculptor Giuseppe Mazzuoli to build a combined monument for his father-in-law Stefano Pallavicini and. In 1607, nicolò Pallavicini met Rubens, the great Flemish painter, when the Duke of Mantua was a guest of the Pallavicini family in their Genoese palace. The central part of the façade is enhanced by big windows, which create charming transparency between outdoors and indoors and open onto the big central hall with its ceiling decorated with the Aurora fresco. In 1968 Maria Camilla married Armando Diaz della Vittoria, nephew of General Diaz, and two sons, Sigieri and Moroello, were born of this marriage). In 1674, for 50,000 scudi, Stefano bought the Old Palace of the Barberini family at Monte di Pietà e ai Giubbonari, also known as Casa Grande dei Barberini (the Barberinis' Big House a magnificent building that has come down to our time with a great. The rooms are frescoed by Paul Brill, and a loggia in a garden is decorated with frescoes by Orazio Gentileschi and Agostino Tassi. First they had to dispose of the estates and palaces in Zagarolo and Maccarese, then half of their share in the Palazzo di Monte Cavallo, that is to say the right half of the building, which had been assigned to their ancestors since 1704 and. The Flemish artist painted many masterpieces including the series of the thirteen panels Christ and the Twelve Apostles that still decorate the Pallavicini picture gallery. Quadreria " collection further enriches an exclusive environment that bears witness to history and culture by passing through all the classical arts. In the meantime, Victor Emanuel III, by a decree of 1937, authorised Guglielmo and Elvina Pallavicini not only to legitimately bear the surname of the noble House but also to lay legal claim to the entitlements related. Palazzo del Giardino in Monte Cavallo, which Maria Camilla bought in 1708 from Marquis Giacomo Ippolito Mancini; while the Barberini family took up residence in their magnificent, recently built, palace of the Quattro Fontane. Nevertheless the Cardinal's heirs only remained in possession of the building until 1694 because Cardinal Antonio Barberini took it over from Nicolò Pallavicini, the second son of Giovan Battista Rospigliosi and Maria Camilla, Stefano's daughter. It bears famous ceiling frescoes by Guido Reni depicting the allegory of Aurora. Scipione Borghese, the nephew of, pope Paul V, who wanted to be housed near the large papal. Only one daughter was born to the marriage and was given the auspicious name of Maria Camilla, the same as the niece of cardinal Lazzaro. John and two Angels Luca Signorelli (the Madonna, the Infant, the Baptist and another Saint Annibale and Ludovico Carracci (Portrait of a noblewoman with a lapdog, Christ heals the born blind Guido Reni (Andromeda freed by Perseus Peter Paul Rubens (Christ and the twelve Apostles. Guido Reni at times most closely approaches exacting and free beauty, and his Aurora (Casino of Pal. He died in 1653. The palace's main attraction, beside the art gallery, is the Casino dell'Aurora.

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Augustine, daughter of the Prince of Piombino. In Busseto, the Galleria Pallavicini housed in the neighboring Palazzo Pallavicini Rospigliosi contains important paintings by top artists. And to create for their heirs. Maria Camilla, known as the" in that case the fideicommissum property linked with the Pallavicini name would have to be passed on unaltered and integral until the birth of a second son. Art casino pallavicini gallery edit The art gallery. The Infant, to dispose of all the land and buildings it owned. And includes more than 540 paintings. Who would start the new branch of the Pallavicini family of Rome. In 1854 he married twentyyearold Maria Carolina Boncompagni Ludovisi. Guglielmo fell fighting heroically during the last war.

HIS fideicommissum AND THE merger between THE TWO families. Cardinal lazzaro pallavicini, are works by artists such. Among the paintings that remain in the collection. The lovely little palace is lush with beautiful decorative features. This is the largest private collection in Rome.

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It was then sold to the Bentivoglio family, followed by the Lante family, and then to Cardinal.In his "Cicerone first published in 1855, Jacob Burckhardt wrote: "Of all modern painters.e.Among the many works housed in the rooms of the Casino there are also paintings by Reni and Luca Giordano.


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The palace served as the French embassy in Rome prior before it moved to its more spacious current accommodation at the Palazzo Farnese.The incorporated heraldic symbols were meant to link Scipione with Apollo.The branch that moved to Rome and that interests us directly came from the Genoese family.