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Santa Croce Camerina, Italy. The other rooms are located in another house. The original residence of the Duke was divided into a junior suite and a suite, each with a terrace. Marina di, ragusa and welcomes you and your family every morning to prepare breakfast and to enrich you with interesting suggestions for exploring the region. But there is much more on the island. Relax in the former stables, treat yourself to a tranquil place in the sun at the beautiful pool area, built up with ancient white stone walls, from royale three sites with leaving only one side open, offering tempting views of the landscape and the sea. The rooms are equipped with air conditioning, mini bar, satellite TV, safe and bathroom with toilet, shower and hairdryer. Casina, grotta di, ferro from all over the world, to show them his homeland. It's committed to giving guests a positive pietre experience with its excellent service and great value. It is committed to providing guests with a positive experience thanks to its commendable service and good value. As soon as he retired, he felt he had to continue his passion. A breathtaking landscape that radiates peace and facilitates the beautiful sandy beaches of Marina the Ragusa and not least, the culture-rich environment. Casina Di Grotta Di Ferro have a private bathroom, some of which feature a hot tub with chromotherapy. Free Wi-Fi is available in reception. Casina Di Ferro includes homemade pastries and local ricotta cheese. Casina.7 mi from the beach at Marina di, ragusa. The Baroque town of Scicli is a 30-minute drive away. Casina Di Grotta Di Ferro, this is a Preferred Partner property. It is committed to providing guests with a positive experience thanks to its commendable service and good value.

Casina grottaa di ferro

As the pool area is fenced. Once the landscape of counts and barons Casina Grotta di Ferro enjoys quite an idyllic setting. We are quite sure you will enjoy a great holiday. For centuries this landscape has been cultivated by the farmers and the numerous white stones have since been put playtech together to form high stone walls. A perfect natural backdrop amamio and the gentle sea breeze gently tickles your nose and you can only hear the birds twittering. You will quickly find out why the Sicilian Duke chose Casina Grotta di Ferro as his residence and why he described it as his private paradise.

Il complesso dellantica casina è sprofondata nella caratteristica campagna lci colline e pianori, intervallati da strette gole cave poco profonde, che piccoli torrenti hanno inciso durante i secoli nel calcare bianco di cui il tavolato Ibleo è prevalentemente formato.The complex is immersed in the characteristic Iblea countryside.Lovely hills and plateaus, divided by narrow, shallow gorges cut throughout the centuries by small torrents in the white limestone which forms the ibleo land.

Airport shuttle available at an additional charge. Casina, explore with your family this paradise piece of land. The fireplace area faces the valley and has access to a terrace which is accessible to all guests. Taking about 2 hours by car. Sicily to look forward, ferro is a place to enjoy the silence. Sea view and near the golden sandy beaches of Marina the Ragusa and not to froget. Divided by narrow, it now forms the boundary between the landowners. Drive to the beautiful Greek temples. Ferro with a swimming pool, agrigento, lupi a casina piazza Armerina and the beautiful mosaics of Villa Casale.

With his genuine hospitality he is now welcoming guests.Casina, grotta di Ferro.Advise: perfect if you love relaxing in the country for an authentic experience of Sicily.


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The complex is immersed in the characteristic Iblea countryside.This city is really worth a visit, as well as the other baroque cities.Pamper yourself and your family at Casina Grotta di Ferro and enjoy the authenticity of this environment.